Casselberry, FL

Volvo Service Near Casselberry, FL

As a full-service Volvo facility, we offer a complete service menu including tire service, oil change, brake service, car battery replacement, transmission service, and more.

Volvo Service Near Casselberry, FL

Volvo Service Near Casselberry, FL

For Volvo service by certified technicians, you don’t have to go far. Just drive your vehicle to our service center at The Volvo Store, and our certified technicians will take care of your vehicle. We are located in Winter Park, FL, a short distance from Casselberry, Orlando, Baldwin, and Altamonte Springs. As a full-service Volvo facility, we offer a complete service menu including tire service, oil change, brake service, car battery replacement, transmission service, and more. We carry an inventory of Volvo original OEM parts at our facility but can also place orders for Volvo OEM parts. Casselberry Volvo drivers can read about our services on this page and schedule service online.

Tire Service

Are the tires of your vehicles making excessive road noise or showing signs of uneven tread wear? We can perform certain tire services to improve the condition of the tires. These services can allow for better tire performance and longevity. At The Volvo Store, we also perform tire repair or replacement service.

Transmission Service

A faulty transmission system can lead to serious issues in driving the vehicle. Our Volvo Store technicians can perform a comprehensive inspection of the transmission to find and fix any type of issues with the transmission.

Oil Change

At The Volvo Store, we offer diesel oil change, synthetic oil change, and conventional oil change services. The choice of engine oil depends on several factors, including the type of engine, environmental conditions, and budget. We recommend that you do not change the type of engine oil without consultation with our certified technicians.

Brake Service

If the brakes are taking longer to respond, or the brake pedal feels different from usual, your vehicle might be suffering from a brake system malfunction. The most common brake services include brake inspection, brake pad replacement, brake rotor resurfacing, and brake fluid exchange. Our team at The Volvo Store can perform other types of brakes services depending on your vehicle’s requirements.

Car Battery Replacement

A weak battery puts extra stress on the electrical systems of your vehicle. Our technicians can check the battery and other battery components. If required, we can install a new battery based on Volvo specifications. Our technicians can also guide you on how to take care of the car battery for maximum longevity and reliability.

Service Near Casselberry, FL

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Our online service scheduler is one of many tools we offer for the convenience of our customers. The online scheduling tool can be used at any time of the day. You can also browse recommended auto services based on the mileage of your selected vehicle. If you don’t want to use the online scheduler, our team at The Volvo Store is available for your assistance during our regular hours. You can also stop by our facility near Casselberry for walk-in auto service.

Complimentary Amenities

Experience Exceptional Quality at The Volvo Store

Here at The Volvo Store, we are dedicated to making your experience enjoyable as your Volvo receives exceptional maintenance or repairs. You can wait here and enjoy fresh-baked cookies, complimentary beverages, and more, or use our home/office pick-up and delivery service. Make your appointment with us today by calling our service department or hopping over to our online scheduling tool!

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