Spring Break. A Good time to service your vehicle

The arrival of the springtime thaw is a great time to ready your car for summer. Driving conditions change greatly through four seasons of weather in the Winter Park area. If you are running snow tires on your car, a switch to all-season redials for summertime travels will give you better traction and fuel economy. A tune-up, tire balance and rotation, oil change, and inspection and repairs to the exhaust all help ensure your car is ready for summertime driving in Orlando and Sanford. Whether you are planning a long family road trip across the country or intend to stay close to home and get work done through the summer, springtime service helps to keep your car running its best and costing you less to operate.

Why You Should Do Springtime Service

All vehicles need regular maintenance to run efficiently and stay reliable. After enduring wintertime low temperatures and taking abuse from the potholes that arrive when winter leaves, your car needs maintenance to run well in and around Apopka. Spring is a great time to put in a thermostat that opens at a lower temperature to keep your engine running cool during summertime heat. We check your air conditioning system to make sure it works well and swap out the engine air filter with a new one to deliver good, clean air to the combustion chamber. Your chassis, suspension, and steering need inspection, adjustments, and possible repairs to handle rough roads, potholes, and road construction. New wiper blades help to keep your vision clear during warm weather rainstorms, and brake service ensures safe stopping.


Schedule Spring Break Service Now

If your car is due for spring service, we can take care of it. Just call our friendly staff at The Volvo Store and schedule a time to come in for spring break service. We have factory OEM parts and others by the top aftermarket brands to keep your car running like new. After an hour or so in our state-of-the-art service bay, your car will be ready to support your plans for summertime travels and fun.

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