The Volvo XC40 is a marvel of Scandinavian design, outfitted with a customizable and energetic interior trim to suit any taste, and the options do not stop here. All-wheel drive is available in most models, and you can choose between the more city and highway focused T4 model all the way to the T5 AWD for more aggressive terrain around Winter Park. When it comes to tech, Volvo thought of everything. You can connect your smartphone to remote start your XC40 or even honk the horn if you want.


The first thing you might notice is the blond colored headliner that serves as a perfect counterbalance between exterior light and interior utility. For those seeking a more executive feel, charcoal black is also available.

Foot-well lights and mood lights illuminate when you open the door, inviting you in. When you step out, the ground is lit as well by an under-the-door light so you can see the ground and any irregularities, puddles or debris.

The Lava carpeting adds a snazzy contrast to the charcoal accented interior. The non-intrusive three-spoke steering wheel with leather covering allows your hands to rest comfortably while driving, whether in Orlando or long distance. Come visit us at The Volvo Store near Stanford to talk with one of our sales associates for a more in-depth look.

The interior space is a perfect combination of crossover utility and room for people and luggage. The driver's seat is integrated with a memory system that is not only activated by each driver when remote unlocking with their smartphone, but will also adjust the mirrors as well. Experience it for yourself here in Apopka.

Technology Features

Besides using your smartphone to remote start, unlock, and automatically set your seat and mirrors, trust and reliability come standard on this advanced and surprisingly affordable crossover. Heated seats and lumbar support get you going on cold mornings, making your workday easier and your commute less stressful, and your long-distance trips not only manageable but fun and comfortable.

The powered tailgate and illuminated door handles take away from distractions and hassles. Who wants to fumble with their keys when unloading luggage after a long trip? Let's face it, even in a luxurious and capable vehicle such as this, making short hops in Winter Park, you will want a little help even with the simplest tasks like grabbing groceries.

A panoramic moonroof adds to the spaciousness and visibility that comes with the XC40. Visibility and ease of use is enhanced by rain sensors that activate heated windshield wiper blades, on your windshield and the self-cleaning headlights. High-pressure nozzles wash away dirt. Even this system uses an intelligent cleaning program to conserve water. The stainless steel cargo scuff plate and hidden, fully integrated tailpipes not only add to the stylish look but protect your XC40 from damage when loading cargo.


The XC40 also features a post-collision braking system that keeps it from making contact with other vehicles after an accident has occurred. But if you're worried about collisions on dark roads, The full LED headlights with Thor's Hammer Daytime Running Lights & Auto Highbeam also feature active bending lights that swivel when you steer to illuminate the curves.

Don't worry about flicking your brights on and off, a tiny camera at the upper edge of your windshield detects the lights of vehicles ahead of you and switches from low beam to high beam after the lights are out of view.

Learn More About the Volvo XC40 Today

We think that not only Volvo dependability and innovation might make this the perfect vehicle, but with all these features, and the perfect combination of city utility and off-the-beaten-path fun, The XC40 is impossible to resist. We think you'll love it too. The XC40 gets you out there and keeps you safe.

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