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Volvo Works to Protect Pedestrians

This isn't the first time we've talked about Volvo's track record for safety innovation and it certainly won't be the last. Just months ago we blogged about the concept inflatable child seat the company is developing that is not only looking at kiddie safety in a new way, but also brings a flair of Swedish style, which is what the company is also known for.

This time we wanted to write about the pedestrian (and also cyclist) detection system on new Volvo models. Even the most alert driver can miss a jaywalking pedestrian, and when that…

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The 2015 Volvo V40 Makes Our Wish List

The Volvo Store lot has a multitude of amazing  new Volvo models to choose from and we'd love nothing more than for you to come out and see something you've had your eye on, up close and personal. However, if you ask us, there's something missing from the North American Volvo lineup: the 2015 V40.

The recent video from the automaker shows off all the things that make it incredible and you…

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2015 Volvo XC90 New Infotainment System Anxiously Anticipated

There's plenty of room for boasting at The Volvo Store in Winter Park, Florida. Today, we're proud to share some news you can brag to your non-Vovlo driving friends. The new 2015 Volvo XC90 will debut the all-new touch-heavy infotainment system.

It's ultimately an upgrade from the Senus system in the 2014 models. We're taking the "upgrade" term very seriously. The vertical oriented touchscreen is larger, and featured infrared technology allowing…

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The Best Drive to School with Jay Leno

When we were kids, we had to take the bus to school or, if we were lucky, sit in the back of mom or dad's car in relative comfort. For a couple lucky kids taking a ride to school with former talk show host, comedian, and automotive enthusiast Jay Leno, well, they're in for a bit of a fast and furious surprise. We won't spoil it for you of course so sit…

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Volvo Gives Us a Look Inside the 2015 XC90

We've already got a few 2015 Volvo models ready to hit the road in the Orlando, FL area. However, we're still waiting for the next generation of the XC90 to arrive at our Winter Park showroom. While the wait can be a little rough, at least we keep getting more and more information from the home office about what to expect.

This latest round of news is all about what's inside. Check...

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The 2015 Volvo V60 is the Ideal Adventuring Wagon

The 2015 Volvo V60 has only recently arrived in our Winter Park, FL showroom and signals the triumphant return of the wagon into the lineup. Check out how the Jackson family of Tennessee utilizes their new V60 to go on a wagon adventure in the video clip below.


The Jackson family owns a renowned kayaking business and is understandably passionate about the sport. As you can see, the Volvo V60 is the ideal vehicle for?

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Volvo Moving Forward With Driverless Vehicles

The new craze within the world of automotives is the autonomous car, and lately the news has been filled with various brands and their quests to create models and systems that will achieve this goal.

Volvo cars have always been known for their safety and technology, and once again they are proving just this with their own driverless vehicles.

The "Drive Me" program is now being spearheaded by Volvo with the help of the Swedish...

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Volvo Develops a Concept Inflatable Child Seat

At The Volvo Store we regularly hear longtime buyers and prospective customers come into our shop and say they're looking for a Volvo because they appreciate not only the brand's clean, luxurious amenities, but also its continued push for making safe models.

Many Volvo models have available safety features which help alert you of potential danger, but they have taken it a step further by making sure the smallest passengers in the vehicle are also safe and comfortable by developing an inflatable child safety seat.

These important purchases are lifesaving, but few parents can say they've never…

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Concept Estate is the Third Show-Stopping Debut from Volvo

If you'd like to get a look a concept model or two, check out images from a recent auto show. If you want to see three ultra-slick new takes, then simply get a look at the lineup of concept models to come from our brand.

The Concept Coupe got the ball rolling, the Concept XC Coupe picked up the pace even more, and the Concept Estate that just debuted at the Geneva Motor Show is the icing on the eye-catching cake. Check out the latest arrival in the engaging video below.

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