Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Used Luxury SUV

When it comes to buying used vehicles, there's a lot of uncertainty that comes along with it. That trepidation triples with shopping for quality used luxury models, as the consequences of ending up with a lemon are far greater than if you just bought a regular sedan or SUV.

With more Orlando and Sanford drivers trading in their sedans for SUVs than ever, there has never been a better time to make the jump. Luxury SUVs offer their Apopka owners a next-level experience that you can't get with a normal SUV, so to be able to secure one at an affordable rate is a win for customers everywhere.

If you need a reason to shake off the uneasiness about making that long-awaited upgrade, we'll do you four better, and give you five reasons why you should invest in a used luxury SUV.

Reason #1: Affordable Luxury

The first and most obvious reason to invest in a luxury SUV is that it is simply more affordable than buying new. That may seem like common sense (and it is), but you can seriously save thousands of dollars by being patient and frugal. Finding that perfect used luxury SUV is like unearthing a diamond in the rough; high-level performance and features for an affordable MSRP.

Reason #2: SUV Popularity is At an All-Time High

Another important reason to make the jump to a used luxury SUV is that the segment is incredibly hot right now. Winter Park is flooded with drivers in quality SUVs, and the demand has forced manufacturers, including Volvo, to up their game on what they offer. Therefore, the amount of value you get for your dollar is unlike anything currently on the road today.

Reason #3: You'll Get Better Resale Value

Luxury SUVs lose most of their initial value the moment they are driven off the lot when they are new. Since you are buying used, the biggest depreciation hit has already occurred, so when you go for your next upgrade and trade in this vehicle, you'll have a better return on investment since you're already paid less initially.

Reason #4: Each Used Luxury SUV Has Been Inspected from Top to Bottom

At The Volvo Store, we take our used inventory seriously, therefore we inspect every used luxury SUV that comes through with the most rigorous and critical eye. We know that our Winter Park customers are very particular when it comes to shopping for a luxury vehicle, and our reputation is built on ensuring their satisfaction. As car aficionados ourselves, we wouldn't sell you a used luxury SUV that we wouldn't want to own ourselves.

Reason #5: Once You Make the Jump to a Used Luxury SUV, You'll Never Want to Go Back

Simply put, there's nothing like a used luxury SUV. The level of utility and flexibility you get in a cabin that is layered from top to bottom in premium materials is unmatched by any other segment. Once you've experienced it for yourself, you'll never want to drive anything else again.

If you're ready to make the jump to a used Volvo XC40, XC60, or XC90, stop by and see us today.

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