The Volvo Store Answers Your Questions About Volvo Safety

Several Advanced Technologies Make New Volvo Models Safer Than Ever

While Volvo safety is legendary in the Orlando area, there are several new technologies available that help give you an advantage over the drivers around you. Sanford drivers will have a series of advanced features that look out for you on all sides, and The Volvo Store in Winter Park is here to answer your questions about what they can do for you.

What is Volvo City Safety Technology?

The award-winning Volvo City Safety Technology goes far beyond helping you stay out of trouble in the city. The forward collision alert that is the central focus of this system utilizes forward-facing sensors to detect vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists and alert you should you approach one too quickly. If you fail to react and the danger is still present, automatic emergency braking takes over and attempts to mitigate the impact.

Do Volvos Have Blind Spot Monitoring?

Apopka drivers will be happy to know that every Volvo model has blind spot monitoring to help keep you out of trouble both in the city and on the highway. This system also includes the rear cross traffic alert which will warn you of approaching vehicles as you back out of a parking space.

What is Rear Collision Mitigation

This revolutionary system helps protect you from other drivers who may not be paying attention on the roadway. By sensing vehicles approaching quickly from behind, this system registers the potential impact and begins preparing your Volvo for the impact. By rolling up the windows and moonroof, pretensioning the seat belts, and adjusting the front seat positions, your Volvo goes above and beyond to protect you from a sudden rear impact.

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