Swedish winters are a sight to behold, and they inspire feelings of vast, dark beauty. The long, unyielding winters are an intrinsic part of Volvo's heritage. To celebrate their hauntingly beautiful winter months, Volvo released an advertisement that perfectly captures the beautiful, melancholy landscape. Click on the video below, and take a look at the winter that is both inspiring and wistful.

This work of art can only be called a short film. It truly demonstrates what inspires the Swedish brand to create steadfast, hardy vehicles that encapsulate the beauty of the Swedish landscape. Anyone can make a car that works in fair weather. What is truly impressive is a vehicle that will work for you in any condition, and any weather. So you can travel up and down the coast with ease. Volvo has always been a forerunner in safety, capability, and style.

The Volvo brand has always been an American favorite, and with reason. It's hard to argue with the rich Volvo history of excellence, and we wouldn't want to. We invite you down to The Volvo Store to test drive any vehicle in our new inventory. Just give us a call at (888) 734-0480, or contact us online!

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