Waves crash over the deck of your small sailing boat. Your small crew of 8 sailors, and one reporter, are freezing, tired, and ragged. Not only are you fighting to win, you're fighting to survive.

This is the Volvo Ocean Race, and it's happening now.

Volvo sponsors this incredible 44,580-Mile race once every three years. We can see why it's so infrequent-- the athletes must take the two year gap to recover. The entire race takes 8 months to complete.

The most difficult and dangerous segment is leg 5, which just finished; the last team reaching Itajaí on April 7th. The weather was so brutal that the Chinese team's mast broke, forcing them to retire.

The Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing team featured in the video suffered hull damage that required at-sea repair. Yet, they overcame it, finishing first.

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